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Elevate Your Travel Dreams? Over Half of U.S. Adults Seek Luxury Getaways in the Next Two Years

New Survey from Apple Vacations Explores Consumer’s Luxury Travel Trends

Newtown Square, PA (November 03, 2023) – The desire for luxe vacations is stronger than ever as Apple Vacations unveils a new survey, revealing a resounding surge in Americans' desire for luxury travel. The survey reveals that 59% say they are in different phases of planning to travel internationally for leisure within the next 24 months, regardless of income.

As North America’s leading leisure tour operator, Apple Vacations works with travel advisors to plan every element of a traveler’s stay. The study, conducted by the independent agency Atomik Research between September 15-17, 2023, surveyed Americans about their vacationing inspiration, habits, and planning.

Key Survey Insights Include:

  • The Dawn of a New Luxury Era: 62% of adults say luxury is no longer defined by how much money is spent. Americans are looking for a more tailored, upscale travel experience.
  • Stress-Free Sojourns: 58% of adults cite vacation planning as a potential source of stress. Making plans for where to go, where to stay, who to go with, and what to do once landing can be overwhelming.
  • Reliable Travel Allies: 65% Gen Z and millennials in the U.S. would love to have an expert handle vacation issues if something goes wrong. Young Americans are more likely to rely on a travel adviser to plan and handle any issues that may occur, reducing the stress of travel planning.
  • Embrace the Luxury: 53% of adults say they are more likely to use a travel advisor for a luxury vacation than a regular vacation, and 45% say that luxury travel means not having to make any of their own decisions.
  • Luxury Budgets Soar: On average, adults estimate they will spend $11,705 per person on their next luxury travel stay in 2024.

“Americans are ready to upgrade their vacation experiences and add on luxury amenities such as a suite-style rooms, elevated dining, and spa and wellness amenities, without breaking the bank or being overwhelmed with stress,” Jacki Marks, Global Head of Trade Brands for Apple Vacations said. “The experts at Apple Vacations offer services that help with the stress of planning and make the entire experience feel luxurious while tailoring the stay to each guest’s wants.”

Americans are eager to get out and explore new destinations. To start planning a trip, please visit Apple Vacations “Ask a Travel Advisor” service at

ALG Vacations® (ALGV) is part of Hyatt ( and managed under Apple Leisure Group® (ALG), a leading North American resort brand-management, leisure travel, and hospitality group with a unique business model serving travelers and destinations worldwide. ALGV is a collection of powerful and growing vacations brands widely recognized for providing the industry’s leading leisure travel experience across the world. ALGV was voted the ASTA Tour Operator Partner of the Year in 2020 and 2021. With more than three million passengers annually, ALGV features well-established vacation brands including Apple Vacations®Funjet Vacations®Travel Impressions®Southwest Vacations®Blue Sky Tours®, and United Vacations®.

The survey revealed that 57 percent of U.S. adults believe they would benefit from having an expert handle unexpected vacation issues. The same study also found that 55 percent of adults are willing to spend more for vacation upgrades.

These sentiments are even more prevalent among younger demographics. Nearly two-thirds of those in the Generation Z (ages 18-25) and Millennial (ages 26-41) generations say they’d appreciate having expert help if a vacation doesn’t go according to plan. Fifty-four percent of Generation X-aged residents (ages 42-57) would also be open to having expert help, but that view is shared by only 48 percent of Baby Boomers (ages 58-75).

Gen Z-ers (56 percent) and Millennials (67 percent) also indicate a willingness to spend more on vacation upgrades. The majority of Gen X-ers (55 percent) also share that opinion, but only 43 percent of Baby Boomers (ages 58-75) say they’d be willing to spend more on vacation upgrades.

“The statistics clearly demonstrate that Americans are ready to travel – and they’re ready to do it right,” said Stephanie Oswald, Emmy-Award winning journalist and premier travel expert. “One should look at utilizing the services of a travel advisor from a company with a sterling reputation like ALG Vacations as an investment. It’s a business decision that could save travelers time and spare them frustration, but also help them find cheaper travel and lodging accommodations and avoid unnecessary trip-related expenses.”

The Atomik study also revealed the large role that social media factors into travel plans. More than half of U.S. adults (53 percent) surveyed say they scroll through social media for vacation inspiration. About one-quarter (27 percent) even said they care more about the reaction they get from their social media posts than the actual vacation. A similar percentage also said the success of a vacation is based on likes and comments on their photos. More than one in five men (22 percent) and 15 percent of women admitted that they have unfollowed social media friends because they were “jealous of the exotic destinations (the friend) had been to.”

As North America’s leading leisure tour operator, AALG Vacations works with travel advisors to plan every element of a traveler’s stay, and the group’s portfolio includes more than 250,000 hotels in more than 1,300 destinations worldwide. The company has launched its “Ask a Travel Advisor” service for those considering planning a trip.


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